Phosphorus/Nitrogen Hybrid Hardener Resin



SHL-1610 is a flame retardant hardener for composites, coatings. It is liquidtype(solvent-free) hardener resin with halogen-free and excellent flame-retardant properties comparing with general amine hardener resin. Especially solubility and dispersibility of SHL-1610 are excellent therefore workability is improved. It shows excellent flame-retardancy because of high phosphorus contents.

Physical Properties

Appearance Yellowish liquid resin
NV 100%
Density(20°C) 1.08± 1%
AHEW [g/eq] 90~120
Viscosity Max. 10,000 cps


  • Excellent Flame Retardancy (Halogen-free)
  • Good Chemical Resistance & mechanical properties
  • Excellent Adhesion Properties
  • Excellent Heat Resistance

  • Marine Coatings
  • Architectures Coatings
  •  Industrial Coatings&Composites

Warehousing & instructions

Storage Life

Providing adequate storage conditions, above product can be kept at least one year from the date of purchase.If the product is stored in the original, unopened container.


Stored in cool condition about 10 ~ 25℃.

Do not heat the product or place in too cold temperature.

Keep away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

Safety Precautions

Refer to the Material Health and Safety Data Sheets (MSDS Forms) pertaining to this product before using. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. In the event of any eye splash or contact, immediately flush with cold water for 15minutes and contact a physician. If skin contact occurs, wash with mild soap and water. The wearing safety glasses with side shields and impervious gloves are recommended.

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