Waterborne Epoxy System

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Waterborne Epoxy Resin



SR-1050W Epoxy resin is a waterborne epoxy resin based on conventional solid epoxy resin. It is designed for use in two components, ambient-cure epoxy systems.

SR-1050W cured in combination with waterborne curing agent exhibits especially good adhesion to most substrates and has good physical properties as well as water and corrosion resistance.

SR-1050W allows film formation without high levels of coalescing solvent, which enables the formulation of low-odor, zero-VOC systems.

Typical Properties

Appearance Milky white
E.E.W 950 ~ 1,150 g/eq(Solution based)
Viscosity 1,000 ~ 10,000 cps@25°C
Non-volatile contents 45 ~ 49 %
Specific gravity 1.08
Mixing Ratio SR-1050W / SH-7247W = 100 / 20


  • Zero-VOC
  • Good compatibility with epoxy resin
  • Fast drying time
  • Easily diluted with water
  • Easy to clean up
  • Low odor
  • Long pot life

  • Waterborne coatings
  • Primer coating
  • Waterborne flooring system
  • Concrete Mortars
  • Old and new concrete adhesives

Warehousing & transportation

Storage Life

At least 12 months from the date of manufacture in the original PE drum at ambient temperature.

Storage & Handling

Store in well ventilated area at 0 ~ 40 °C

Keep away from flames and direct sunlight

Immediately close the cap tightly after use

Do not freeze


200 Kg PE drum

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December 28, 2017