Bismuth Vanadate Yellow

Bismuth Vanadate Yellow

NI-1841 & NI-1842


Bismuth Vanadate Yellow is an inorganic lead free yellow pigment recommended in applications where high performance is required, due to it’s good opacity and tinting strength.

This BV pigment does not contain any heavy metal elements that harmful to human body, in line with the latest EU and U.S. laws and regulations.

Bismuth Vanadate is suitable alternatives to chrome yellow.


Product Name:Bismuth Vanadate Yellow (NI-1841/ NI-1842)

Test Items Specifications
Density,g/ml 5.9
Shade Greenish Yellow  (1842: Lemon Yellow & 1841: Neutral Yellow)
PH 7.0
Volatile Matter at 105℃,% 0.5 Max
Water Soluble Matter,% 0.5 Max
Oil Absorption,g/100g 20-30
Acid Resistant,Grade 4-5
Alkali Resistant,Grade 4-5
Light Resistant,Grade 7-8
Heat Resistant,℃ 250
Residue on 45um,Mesh% 0.1Max

Application Area

  •  coating, paint market, such as road marking paints, reflectorised paint, marine paints and car finishes, high-grade environmental friendly coatings etc.
  • environmental friendly printing inks market, such as printing inks used in food, pharmacy, toys and high-end packaging industries
  • high demanding for rubber, plastic color masterbatch and products coloring, such as toy for children, medicine, food etc. plastic packaging
  • photochemical catalysis areas, catalyst, fluorescent dyes


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