MDBE Series

Such as: chlorinated solvents (trichloroethane, methyl chloride, etc.), glycol ethers, ethanol ether Acetic acid ester solvents and the like. The DBE product is the best alternative to these solvents, DBE products can also fully meet the increasing demand for VOC.
MDBE (DuPont DBE) is dibasic acid ester mixtures, also known as dibasic esters. It’s a low toxicity, slightly aromatic, biodegradable environmental-friendly high boiling solvent, which has been widely used in coating industries and other application fields.

Our MDBE series contain Dimethyl succinate, Dimethyl glutarate, Dimethyl adipate and their different proportions of mixtures.

n=2, product: Dimethyl succinate
n=3, product: Dimethyl glutarate
n=4, product: Dimethyl adipate